duminică, 1 aprilie 2012

Welcome...and be patient!

   Hello, kids! My name is Irina, but people call me 'Kyky' and my blog mate is Oana, and we are two wonderers and a half! It all started with a simple passion for Nely Cab's novel, Creatura, and I can say that I am one of her biggest fans.
   Since I first read Creatura, I knew it should be promoted in Romania, and why not published by a publishing house?! 
   What will you find here? Pictures, quotes, reviews and other nice things. Why will you visit us? Because this is the first blog in Romania dedicated to Nely Cab and her book and you will find a lot of interesting news and things pertaining to 'Creatura'. What do we want from you? For you to encourage us and to like or dislike our work, leave comments and help us with the campaign of promoting 'Creatura' in Romania.
  That's all for this evening, but soon we will post more details, pictures, quotes, etc.

 ~Love you, dear new followers,
   Creatura lovers.

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Ugh, really nice! ^^

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Wow!! AWESOME site!! LOVING it! Thank you for sharing!!!
Jenny Bynum